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Welcome to 3dfilmbc

We offer comprehensive and descriptive online 3d courses and 3d packages from beginner to advance using Autodesk Maya. 3D course's include; 3d animation, modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, visual effects (and more).

These online 3d animation courses are geared for high school students, hobbyists, professionals, artists, and 2d animators. Each course and level (Introduction, Intermediate and Advance) is designed as the building blocks for the next, and builds a strong foundation for 3d techniques and practices used by the Industry and professionals. Descriptive videos, step by step instructions, tutorials and lab work round your skill set and hone your creative niche while working with our passionate instructors.

How Does Online Courses Work?

Extreme Flexibility that lets you work at your own pace. You can access your courses 24x7. Our 3d animation courses are self-paced and supported completely online with one on one support for our animation instructors which gives you the flexibility you need in your busy schedule.

Select your 3D Animation Course Packages and save up to 10%. Choose from Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and 3D FX .

Our students get access to Autodesk Maya for 36 months free, find out how info@3dfilmbc.com..


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