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This is the first in our series of free tutorials from 3dfilmbc.

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Linking Lights - Free online tutorial

Using the Relationship Editor window, you can force lights to ignore certain object within your scenes. This can be critical for advance lighting. For example; animation studios often create different sets of lights fore each character. This allows for subtle fine-tuning in terms of light placement, intensity, color and so on..

To prevent light from illuminating a surface do the following.

Step 1: Open the supporting file butler_umbrella.mb, this scene contains the butler holding his umbrella a sphere and a cube all in the path of a spotlight that is casting a shadow.

Step 2: Select the spot light and from the main menu choose Window>Relationship Editor>Light Linking>Light Centric

The left column of the window lists all the lights in the scene. The right column lists all the geometry and shading group nodes in the scene. To see only the lights you selected, choose from the menu List>Manual Load from the left column menu. This option will load into the column only the lights that are currently selected. The Manual load option is also available in the right column

Step 3: Click the light name in the left column. A gray bar highlights it and also highlights all the nodes in the right column that uses this light. To break the link, click the name of the node in the right column, in this case you will click the pSphere1 and pCube1, this will remove the gray bar indicating that the light will no longer illuminate the surface.

Step 4: Close the Relationship Editor and render your scene, the cube and sphere no longer receive any light and do not cast a shadow.

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