Intermediate Overview

Take the next step in continuing to develop your 3d skills! Learn compelling new techniques and create higher-impact 3D models. Choose from six intermediate 3d animation courses (180 hours) for Autodesk Maya, each course listed is approximately 30 hours.

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Intermediate 3D Modeling
Intermediate Modeling - online course

The Intermediate Character Modeling course demonstrates how to create a two legged humanoid cartoon characters while maintaining proper topology. By completion of this course you will be able to create humanoid 3d character with details such as nose, eyes, mouth, ears, arms, hand, fingers and feet.

Intermediate 3D Texturing
Intermediate Texturing - online course

The course focuses on texturing techniques such as layers separation, applying correct 3d textures and projections, custom connection and utilities, introduction to Adobe Photoshop as a texture creation tool. By completion of Intermediate Character Texturing course, you will understand how to use Maya and or Photoshop to create such textures as Skin, chrome, glass, wood and more..

Intermediate 3D Rigging
Intermediate Rigging - online course

Creating believable character movement requires that you create control Riggs based on how the body works, you will accomplish this through techniques such as IK and FK, icon base shape controls, facial joint controls, set driven keys and more. By completion you will be able to create skeletal Riggs for their characters needs, and personality type.

Intermediate 3D Animation
Intermediate Animation - online course

Working with the tools Autodesk Maya has to offer, the character animation course demonstrate how to interpret movement using Blend Shapes, Deformers, object pickup, set driven keys, skinning/rigid/smooth/binding, animation and graph editor. By completion of this course you will have the skills and deeper knowledge of animation and how it applies to creating engaging and believable 3d characters.

Intermediate 3D Lighting
Intermediate Lighting - online course

Light up your scene in Autodesk Maya, create ambient and high quality shadow, bounce lights; bringing that dynamic cinematography elements to your animation scene. By completion you will have a solid understanding of using Autodesk Mays's amazing tools for lighting. Tools such as global illumination, final gather, mental ray, photon and caustics.

Intermediate 3D FX
Intermediate FX - online course

The intermediate FX course introduces you to Autodesk Maya's effects tools. These tools are used to simulated worlds, lighting effects, explosions, generate water, tornadoes and more. You will explore tools such as Particle, Rigid/Soft bodies, Fluids and more. By completion of this course you will be able to create realistic simulation and effects to enhance their 3D creations.

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"
- Charles Mingus